Let's Garden Together

Hi! I'm Claire Oliphant, your future Garden Coach. If you're ready to garden together, please send me an email.


These are some of the typical services I provide for my clients. If you need help with something not on the list, please ask me about it!

  • Plant Identification (for a new home, something you saw on a walk, unusual volunteer in the garden, etc.)
  • Weeding Help (how to identify weed seedlings, what to do about plants you’re not sure about)
  • Planning (how to layer plants for height, or through time- within season, season to season, year to year)
  • Design Assistance
  • Research
  • Guidance with New Techniques
  • Assistance at the Garden Center (what plants will work in your space, what might be a good alternative for the plant you really want but which won’t thrive in your space)
  • Help with Garden Projects (ones that feel overwhelming/boring to tackle alone, or just more fun with someone to help out)
  • Drip-Irrigation Planning and Installation