Your Garden Coach

Helping people feel more comfortable in their growing spaces.

Claire Oliphant

Have you ever wished you could just bring the person from the garden center home and ask her exactly what you have, show her what you want, and get comprehensive advice based on your particular garden, soil, and light conditions? This is what I offer you as your garden coach.

With over 20 years of personal and professional gardening experience in diverse climates, I bring wide-ranging expertise to help you become a skilled gardener in your own right.

I will help you explore the balance of light, color, object, and space that is particular to your garden. We will define your goals: Do you need help with identification? Do you want a particular style of garden? Are you looking for something striking and manicured or wilder, more focused on habitat?

I draw on my education in Permaculture Design and the OSU Master Gardener/Home Horticulture program to help you develop a garden based on sustainable principles. We’ll work symbiotically with your site’s particular microclimates so that your garden requires less effort and satisfies your gardening dreams.

A garden is an extension of oneself and I am here to help you both reach your fullest potential.